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Contents * Vol. 24, No. 4, April 2001


Selective Coronary Angiography: 42 Years Later

C. R. Conti, M.D., M.A.C.C. 269


The Cardiovascular Response to Sexual Activity: Do We Know Enough?

R. H. Falk, M.D. 271

Lessons Learned from Statin Trials

J. Auer, M.D., R. Berent, M.D., B. Eber, M.D. 277

Clinical Investigations

Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Premature Myocardial Infarction

S. Güleç, M.D., Ö. Aras, M.D., E. Akar, M.D., E. Tutar, M.D., K. Ömürlü, M.D., F. Avci, M.D., I. Dinçer, M.D., N. Akar, M.D., D. Oral, M.D. 281

Endothelial Dysfunction and Decreased Exercise Tolerance in Interferon-Alpha Therapy in Chronic Hepatitis C: Relation between Exercise Hyperemia and Endothelial Function

B. Takase, M.D., A. Uehata, M.D., T. Fujioka, M.D., T. Kondo, M.D., T. Nishioka, M.D., K. Isojima, M.D., K. Satomura, M.D., F. Ohsuzu, M.D., A. Kurita, M.D. 286

A New Noninvasive Method for Evaluation of Coronary Endothelial Function in Hypertensive Patients Based on Change in Diameter of the Left Main Coronary Artery Induced by Cold Pressor Test Using Echocardiography

Y.-B. Deng, M.D., Ph.D., X.-F. Wang, M.D., C.-L. Li, M.D. 291

Frequency of Atrial Septal Aneurysm in Patients with Recent Stroke: Preliminary Results from a Multicenter Study

A. V. Mattioli, M.D., Ph.D., M. Aquilina, M.D., A. Oldani, M.D., C. Longhini, M.D., G. Mattioli, M.D., on behalf of the Investigators 297

Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 and Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-1 Serum Level in Patients with Chest Pain and Normal Coronary Arteries (Syndrome X)

D. Tousoulis, M.D., Ph.D., FACC, G. J. Davies, M.D., G. Asimakopoulos, M.D., H. Homaei, M.B., E. Zouridakis, M.D., N. Ahmed, M.B., J. C. Kaski, M.D., FACC 301

Possible Causes of Symptoms in Suspected Coronary Heart Disease but Normal Angiograms

G. Mölzer, M.D., J. Finsterer, M.D., W. Krugluger, M.D., G. Stanek, M.D., C. Stöllberger, M.D. 307

Relationships between Heart Rate Variability, Functional Capacity, and Left Ventricular Function Following Myocardial Infarction: An Evaluation after One Week and Six Months

J. V. Monmeneu, M.D., F. J. Chorro, M.D., V. Bodí, M.D., J. Sanchis, M.D., A. Llácer, M.D., R. García-Civera, M.D., R. Ruiz, M.D., R. Sanjuán, M.D., M. Burguera, M.D., V. López-Merino, M.D. 313

Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization: Is the Enthusiasm Justified?

N. Hayat, M.D., Ph.D., M. Shafie, D.M., M. Kamel Gumaa, M.B.B.Ch., M.S., N. Khan, M.D. 321

Collagen Remodeling and Cardiac Dysfunction in Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: The Significance of Type III and VI Collagens

M. Kitamura, M.D., M. Shimizu, M.D., H. Ino, M.D., K. Okeie, M.D., M. Yamaguchi, M.D., N. Fujino, M.D., H. Mabuchi, M.D., I. Nakanishi, M.D. 325

Clusters of Life-Threatening Ventricular Arrhythmias in Patients with Implanted Cardioverter-Defibrillators: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Risk Stratification

A. Grom, M.D., T. W. Baron, M.D., T. S. Faber, M.D., M. Brunner, M.D., C. Bode, M.D., M. Zehender, M.D. 330

Long-Term Angiographic Follow-Up after Successful Repeat Balloon Angioplasty for In-Stent Restenosis

A. R. Galassi, M.D., FACC, FESC, R. Foti, M.D., S. Azzarelli, M.D., G. Condorelli, M.D., G. Coco, M.D., A. Ragusa, M.D., G. Russo, M.D., A. Grasso, M.D., G. Giuffrida, M.D., FACC, C. Tamburino, M.D. 334

Preventive Cardiology

Random Fasting Hyperglycemia as Cardiovascular Risk Factor in the Elderly: A 6-Year Longitudinal Study

R. Antonicelli, M.D., R. Gesuita, Ph.D., M. Boemi, M.D., E. Paciaroni, M.D., for the Camerano Study Group 341

Images in Cardiology

Giant Left Ventricular Pseudoaneurysm

W. F. Fearon, M.D., S. Lo, M.D., S. Stertzer, M.D. 345

Short Communication

Embolic Stroke and Cardiac Papillary Fibroelastoma

M. Shing, M.D., and D. S. Rubenson, M.D. 346

Profiles in Cardiology

Charles Richard Conti

J. B. Conti, M.D. 348

Book Review

Evidence-Based Cardiology 352