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Vol. 24, No. 6, June 2001


Secondary Prevention Antibiotic Treatment Trials

C. R. Conti, M.D., M.A.C.C.   425


Clinical Benefit of Noninvasive Viability Studies of Patients with Severe Ischemic Left Ventricular Dysfunction

J. R. Soto, M.D., and G. A. Beller, M.D.   428

Clinical Investigations

The International EECP Patient Registry (IEPR): Design, Methods, Baseline Characteristics, and Acute Results

G. Barsness, M.D., A. M. Feldman, M.D., D. R. Holmes, Jr., M.D., R. Holubkov, Ph.D., S. F. Kelsey, Ph.D., E. D. Kennard, Ph.D., and the International EECP Patient Registry Investigators   435

Effect of Coronary Risk Factors on Arterial Compensatory Enlargement in Japanese Middle-Aged Patients with de novo Single-Vessel Disease--An Intravascular Ultrasound Study

K. Isoda, M.D., K. Arakawa, M.D., Y. Kamezawa, M.D., K. Nishizawa, M.D., K. Nishikawa, M.D., T. Shibuya, M.D., F. Ohsuzu, M.D., H. Nakamura, M.D.   443

Does Higher Diastolic Augmentation Predict Clinical Benefit from Enhanced External Counterpulsation?: Data from the International EECP Patient Registry (IEPR)

A. D. Michaels, M.D., E. D. Kennard, Ph.D., S. F. Kelsey, Ph.D., R. Holubkov, Ph.D., O. Soran, M.D., S. Spence, R.N., T. M. Chou, M.D., FACC   453

Low Clinical Utility of Routine Angiographic Surveillance in the Detection and Management of Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy in Transplant Recipients

J. R. Clague, M.D., M.Sc., FRCPI, FRCP, I. D. Cox, MRCP, A. J. Murday, M.S., FRSC, N. Charokopos, M.D., B. P. Madden, M.D., M.Sc., FRCP   459

Homocysteine Levels in Patients with Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis

A. Blum, M.D., S. Lupovitch, Ph.D., K. Khazim, M.D., A. Peleg, M.Sc., M. Gumanovsky, M.D., S. Yeganeh, M.D., S. Jawabreh, M.D.   463

Low-Dose Combination Therapy with Colesevelam Hydrochloride and Lovastatin Effectively Decreases Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in Patients with Primary Hypercholesterolemia

M. H. Davidson, M.D., P. Toth, M.D., S. Weiss, M.D., J. McKenney, Pharm.D., D. Hunninghake, M.D., J. Isaacsohn, M.D., J. M. Donovan, M.D., Ph.D., S. Burke, M.D.    467

Women with High Exercise Tolerance and the Role of Myocardial Perfusion Imaging

S. N. Chatziioannou, M.D., Ph.D., W. H. Moore, M.D., R. D. Dhekne, M.D., P. V. Ford, M.D.   475

Progress in Clinical Trials   481­482
Images in Cardiology

Porcelain Atrium

J.-W. Ha M.D., Ph.D., D. D. Lee, M.D., N. Chung, M.D., Ph.D., S.-Y. Cho, M.D., Ph.D.   484

Short Communications

Cardiac Tamponade Masking Pulmonary Embolism

U. C. Jairath, M.D., J. R. Benotti, M.D., D. H. Spodick, M.D., D.Sc.   485

Profiles in Cardiology

William Evans

D. Mendel, FRCP, and M. E. Silverman, M.D., FRCP, MACP, FACC   487

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